Our mind and body are connected

There is a lot of research around to suggest that our mind and our body are completely linked. If you imagine or visualise something not turning out very well – you will trigger the same physical symptoms in your body that align to those images and thoughts. Things like stomach cramps, sweating palms, increase in pulse rate, hot flushes. Do you know the feeling?

The brains primary function is to know what goes on in the body. When you are angry, how do you know? Your body does anger. Your stance changes, your finger points, your facial muscles tighten, your voice raises. When you are sad, how do you know? Your body does sadness.

The fastest way to changing your emotional state is to change your physiology. In fact, some psychologists say that the best thing you can do to change your emotional state is to get up and go for a walk or do some exercise. Get your body out of the position that it is in and change your physiology.

The brain is constantly computing for emotional significance and is looking for ways to interpret your posture. Change your posture to change the way you are thinking and therefore the way you are feeling. How would you be sitting of you were totally successful? What look would be on your face if you were determined?