How do you learn to do the things you do not want to do, but are important to get done?

How many goals do you have on your to do list but have not yet started? What about goals you started but have never finished? Perhaps you wanted to lose weight and gave up after only a few weeks. Maybe the goal was to save money or get a promotion. It might just be the difficult phone call you know you need to make but simply cant face today.

Whatever you want to do, whatever you want to achieve – here are 5 key strategies to help you achieve any goal in life.

5 key strategies to achieve any goal:

Strategy 1. Don’t think, just do It – The moment you begin to think about what you need to do, give up or start doing when you think about a achieving a goal – you can pretty much forget achieving it. The brain will create an excuse, a justification and a rationale for getting you out of taking the action and to make you feel better about your choice. Give yourself a command of just do it or Get It Done!

Strategy 2. Just start –  just give yourself command to just start the task. Don’t ask yourself if you feel like doing it – just start!

Strategy 3. Just do 10 minutes – it doesn’t always have to be done in hour-long periods, just do a bite-size chunk! It is amazing what happens when you give yourself permission to stop.  All of a sudden it becomes easier to keep going and 10 minutes turns into 20, which turns into 30 minutes. Write a post it note out with Just do 10 minutes on it a put it somewhere where you can see it like on your computer or laptop. Use the 10 minute rule to get the tasks done that you don’t enjoy or like doing but are important for you to get done.

Strategy 4. Always future orientated. Measure progress backwards – We know that when we step out into the future and see ourselves as the person we want to be – being 5 kilos lighter, wearing a size 10 dress, having 30k in the bank – the emotions are generally quite positive and so this must be a strategy for goal achievement. However in order to feel good about ourselves and to build our confidence, we need to measure our progress backwards from where we started. When we do this, all of our progress is seen as success because we are moving forward. Remember, the only person you can compare yourself to be the person you were yesterday.

Strategy 5. Decide later – If your goal is run 400 meters and you have never done anything like this before then use the decide later strategy. Run in 100 metre increments and decide at the end of 100 meters if you will do another 100 and go to 200.  Keep repeating the strategy until you achieve your goal. Once you start it is much easier to keep going.  Apply the decide later strategy to any goal that may be a challenge for you to achieve.

How can you apply these 5 key strategies to get more things done that are important for you to do but you don’t like doing?